Electrical training for the monks of Gerab Dratshang

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Bhutan Power Corporation Limited conducted Electrical Training for the Gerab Dratshang monks from all over the country. The training was conducted in two (2) batches from September 5-16, 2016 and September 19-30, 2016 as the Corporate Social Responsibility of the company. Additionally, the training was conducted to provide basic knowledge on house wiring, repair & maintenance and safety measures pertaining to electricity considering the difficulties faced by monks in remote Dratshangs, monasteries and various religious institutions. The training was mainly aimed at helping the monks in solving minor internal electrical faults, which otherwise would be a daunting task both to the monks as well as BPC officials.

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There were sixty five (65) monks in Batch I and sixty seven (67) monks in Batch II including two (2) anims (nuns) in each batch.  They showed sheer enthusiasm in every aspect of the training- both hands on and theoretical trainings and went on to great extent to showcase their interest.

The following topics were covered during the training:

  1. Safety and Basic Tools
  2. Familiarization and identification of wiring materials
  3. Installation and testing of various types of domestic wiring
  4. Estimating and costing of domestic wiring
  5. Installation, testing and commissioning of earthing system
  6. Cable, MCB and main switch sizing

With the knowledge acquired during the 12 day Electrical training, it is expected that the monks will go back to their respective Dratshangs, Rabdeys and Gomdeys etc., and will be able to do basic house wirings and repair/maintenance. The monks will also be able to identify the different wiring materials used in the Dratshangs.

Thanking all for participation and wishing all the monk participants a safe journey to their respective destinations.