Safety awareness campaign

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Safety awareness campaign was conducted by the team from RCO, Phuentsholing, TMD, Samtse and ESSD, Dorokha on 7th October 2016 at Tading and Panbari under Samtse Dzongkhag. Since, the High voltage line is passing through Tading and Panbari village, the safety awareness is direly needed to conduct in that locality.

public-gathering-for-safety-awareness educating-by-demonstration-on-safety

The safety awareness campaign was conducted essentially for the Safety of general public. The team has covered the following electrical safety points in the gathering:

  1. Overview of Transmission network in Samtse.
  2. Right of Way (ROW) issues mainly for the construction of new house, plantations of bettle nut plants and fodder plants.
  3. Highlighted on safety aspects of transmission line and contribution from locality in maintaining of transmission line.
  4. De-branch and cutting down of tress and bamboos nearby electrical line.
  5. Resolved the issues on internal defective of electrical wiring in house.
  6. Lightning issues, team has inform the public that advance lightning protection system will put in near future.
  7. Team has presented not only the safety of oneself but also protection of forest fire due to electricity.
  8. Team has educated the general public by demonstrating the safety steps while thunder lightning and snap of live conductor.

Gewog officer had thank the Bhutan Power Corporation Limited for educating the general public on electrical safety and endeavor support for reliable power supply despite of harsh weather and terrains of our land lock country Bhutan.

As a token of appreciation for gathering on Safety Awareness Campaign, BPC has served the simple refreshment to the public.