Distribution & Customer Services Department

The main mission of the Customer Services Department (CSD) is to provide affordable, adequate, safe, reliable and good quality power supply and to contribute to the nation’s development through the optimal use of resources. The Customer Services Department’s objective is to contribute to the BPC’s vision of being the Best Public Sector Company in Bhutan and also the Premier Power Sector Company in South Asia. The Customer Services Department (CSD) is the biggest department in the Bhutan Power Corporation headed bya General Manager. The CSD has 671 full time working staffs and has branch offices in 19 districts of the country.

Priorities of CSD

1. To provide reliable & quality power Conduct load forecasting & develop strategic plans in order to avoid problems like low voltage, power outages, etc.

  • Perform Load Flow and System Analysis of the distribution network
  • Formulate district-wise master-plans (short term, medium term and long term)
  • Establish a Geographic Information System (GIS) of the existing distribution network for proper asset management and planning
  • Regular Improvement & Up-gradation of overloaded lines and substations
  • Regular Operation & Maintenance of Power lines, Transformers and other major electrical equipment

2. To reduce losses

  • Meter every customer
  • Check illegal connections, meter tampering and other illegal activities
  • Strict action against anyone involved in such cases
  • Replacement of old & faulty meters nationwide
  • Improve meter reading and data keeping

3. To improve Customer Satisfaction We exist to serve the customer (Customer-Oriented)

  • Provide Correct & Timely Billing
  • Prompt attendance to customer complaints
  • Clear & fair supply rules to all customers
  • Stream-line dispute resolution process and minimize inconvenience to customers
  • Create public awareness and disseminate information with regard to safety, tariff and various other issues