Engineering Design & Contract Department

Engineering Design and Contracts Department (EDCD) has been formed owing to the need to develop the in-house capacity of Bhutan Power Corporation Limited. In line with this objective of formation of EDD, the main intent of EDCD is to build the internal skill levels of the staff of BPC to meet the self sufficiency in meeting its engineering and design needs without the assistance of external consultancy firms/consultants.


The organogram (as below) is based on the functional requirement to address the needs of the various departments in BPC effectively and to clearly identify the roles and responsibilities within the department. This is to ensure that the specialization is developed in various areas of technical knowhow in BPC.  

edcd organogram

EDCD has been carrying out all the tasks assigned to it diligently. Most of the interactions by EDCD are with DCD, TW, RED and DCSD due to the nature of work involved. The main functions of the department are as follows:

  1. Planning and Designing of the transmission lines and substations (including surveys) and Distribution systems including construction power for hydro power projects

  2. System studies at macro level

  3. Environmental and GIS related activities

  4. Review of drawings and designs for projects and procurements

  5. Standardization and need based technical support to all departments

Majority of staff in EDCD are technical. The personnel of the department are being trained in various aspects of engineering and design. Various software tools are available in EDCD namely STAD Pro for civil engineers, iTowers and PLS Tower for transmission line designs, MiPower for power system studies, PLSCADD for tower profiling and preparation of tower schedules. EDCD is also the custodian of all design and technical standards.