Internal Audit Division

The endeavor of the Internal Audit Division of BPC is to conduct systematic, disciplined and timely audit of the offices and provide requisite assurance and advisory services to the management and the corporation. It is also our ardent will to ensure transparency and accountability and institute check and balance instruments for timely detection and correction of errors, frauds, operational inefficiencies, non-compliances to laws and regulations, uneconomical operations and other deficiencies and lapses in the organization.


To strive to make Bhutan Power Corporation Limited a corruption free entity that will provide promises of the hopes and aspirations to its employees and to the country at large.

Plans and objectives:

Strengthening the Internal Audit Division

Recruit highly motivated and sincere staff

Provide professional trainings equivalent to IID standards to its staff.

Roles and responsibilities:

       I.            Provide assurance to management on various management practices and procedures by ensuring:

  • Compliance with laws, rules and regulations;
  • Economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations;
  • Implementation of policies and plans;
  • Review of achievements on the goals and objectives.

    II.            Provide diagnostic and advisory services to management by;

  • Carrying out special investigations;
  • Review the safeguarding the assets and properties;
  • Examine appropriateness and effectiveness of the internal control systems;
  • Ensuring actions are taken by the management on the findings and recommendations.