Finance and Accounts Services

As the Finance and Accounts Services of the Corporation, our endeavor is to make BPC a self sustainable and profitable Corporation through optimal and efficient utilization of resources, Cost control through budgetary mechanisms, better fund and Asset management, right investment strategy in place and to bring in transparency in operations through adoption of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.


  • To make BPC a self sustainable and profitable Corporation and make each unit/Branch an independent and accountable for their activities
  • To switch over from manual to Computerized accounting and use of more of network/internet for fast exchange of information among various units/Branches to have transparency in operations

Future Plans & Objectives

  1. Institutional Strengthening of the Department by
    • Imparting training of our staff
    • Recruiting motivated young professionals
    • Regularly updating ourselves in the professional area by participating in trainings and seminars
  2. To keep proper accounting records and generate the financial reports efficiently by
    • Adopting the generally accepted Principles and Practices of Commercial Accounting
    • Converting the record keeping from the manual to the computerized system
    • Interlinking the whole accounting system by a network
  3. Safeguard the assets of the company

BPC Asset Value

(Nu. Mn)
(Nu. Mn)
Asset (Nu. Mn)
DoP 2,795.00 670.00 3,465.00
CHPC 209.00 209.00
Kurichhu 600.00 600.00
(Working Capital)
50.00 50.00
Total 3,645.00 670.00 4,324.00