Human Resource & Administration Department

People in BPC are a friendly bunch with a driving ambition to be the best in whatever they do. They are highly motivated with a zest for life that is reflected in all they do. Most of all, they make BPC a fun place to work for themselves and for their colleagues. People management practices to create this environment, distinguish us among other corporations. Our policies enable all BPC employees to excel and innovate in what we do for our customers and in what we stand for as a corporation. Our organizational culture emphasizes learning and everyone in BPC is motivated to excel in their individual capacities and as team players. A culture that emphasizes performance, teamwork, leadership and social consciousness coupled with a strong training and performance management system that are the hallmark of our corporation.

We will build an informed team of trained employees who are motivated, dedicated and competent. We will achieve this by providing automated services in a clean, efficient and customer friendly manner.

In the Human Resource & Administration Department our aim is to;

Build: The emphasis of our department will be at organization building through all the people in the corporation.

Keep Informed: We shall strive to keep our employees informed at all times, information dissemination shall be our goal, this information may be on policy, procedures, processes, accepted norms of behavior or general happenings in the corporation.

Build Teams: We shall work towards team culture and behavior in the corporation. We will emphasize the creation of teams at unit, department and organization levels and teams within functions as well as on cross functional teams.

Train employees: Training will form an integral part of the HR&AD mandate and we will keep training of our employees as a key agenda within HR&AD. Training will be important for building up people competence, enhancement of skills and for building positive attitude and culture. Training focus will be on technical, non technical and behavioral training.

Motivate: We will be conscious at all times of the motivation level of all staffs and shall monitor it constantly. Motivation will be built through information dissemination, training, by team culture and by providing our employees with HR services which are fast, prompt, consistent and professional.

Have Dedication: We will build a culture that will emphasize dedication. We will be conscious of our employee concerns and will always be ready to address them in the fastest possible way. We will ensure low employee turnover and will try to analyze the reasons in case of any turnover and address them in appropriate forums.

Build Competence: We will build a competent team within BPC. Training will build competence and skill level of our employees and the performance management system will recognize such competence and reward it accordingly. The performance management system will also recognize the areas of improvement and development and appropriate interventions would be initiated to address the concerns.

Achieve: For us in HR&AD it shall not just be a matter of doing our things but we will have a sense of achievement in whatever we do.

Provide Automated Services: HR&AD in its mandate to provide better services to its customer will automate (IT enablement) its services to the extent possible, this will lead to faster and more accurate response.

Be Clean: We as a department will be open, transparent to the extent possible in all our dealings. All our transactions shall be clean and fair to all employees at all levels. We shall not discriminate anyone on the basis of grade, level in the organization or sex.

Be Efficient: Efficiency in all we do shall be our motto. We will work towards achieving a high level of efficiency in our operations by being responsive, by being timely in our responses and by being process oriented.

Be Customer friendly: We shall be always conscious of our customer needs and will strive to satisfy our customers at all times. We shall look beyond and will not only try to meet our customer expectations but exceed them as far as possible.

Our Selection Process

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