Procurement Services Department


With the huge volume of procurement to meet the targets for the Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC) plan works and consideringthat a smooth supply chain management of materials is critical to the operations of the BPC, the Procurement Services Department was established on 1st July 2002 while forming the BPC.


“To procure the best value for goods and services in a timely, consistent and transparent manner”




                      Policy               :        To establish an effective purchasing policythat exerts the right control without inhibiting good commercial judgment.

                     Technical         :        To procure the best value for goods and services in terms of functionality, specifications & quality.

                    Commercial     :        To manage supplier relationship & negotiating for best terms.

                    Logistics           :       To coordinate all activities to optimize the incoming materials flow from the source up to the point of end users

                   Administrative  :       To adopt an efficient order-handling & management for overall traceability & transparency.