Renewable Energy Department

BPC has number of small hydro power plants across the country. These power plants were built to supply the areas at the time of erstwhile Department of Power (DoP) under the Ministry. After the formation of BPC, these plants were transferred from DoP to BPC. Today, the equipment and civil structures of these plants have aged and deteriorated. And the generations fall far short of the expectation.

Therefore, Renewable Energy Department (RED) has been formed to revamp these small hydro power plants under the company and, and based on feasibility, up-rate the capacity, increase the efficiency and automation of the power plants. The department will also carry out, as and when mandated and based on the study of economic viability and strategic locations, new mini hydropower generation projects for reliable power supply to the area.

Further, the country is exploring alternative sources of energy. The Alternative Renewable Energy Policy (AREP) of Bhutan mandates the energy also from alternative sources. BPC built a pilot wind power generation plant with the financial support from Asian Development Bank and Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB). Therefore, the department is also to undertake any new renewable energy projects such as wind and solar, as and when mandated by RGoB and build the capacity in the field of renewable energy.

In summary, the department’s responsibility is to construct, operate and maintain the renewable energy power plants under the company.

The department is structured as under: