Security Services Division

The Division is responsible for the Security, Safety and Prevention of Loss of Company Property from all kinds of threat and, maintain a constant vigilance. The Division also conducts Internal Investigations, Physical Security Risk Analysis and recommends preventive measures/safeguards.


To be in line with the entrusted responsibilities, the Division has taken up the full responsibility of Fire prevention, fighting and imparting of basic knowledge of Fire prevention and fighting to all the Company employees. The Division is additionally responsible for the maintenance and upgradation of the Company’s Fire equipment.

The Division holds the responsibility of looking after the Radio communication needs of the Company and it’s maintenance.

The Division in coordination with the Human Resources and Administration Deptt., and the IT Division is in the process of developing a dual purpose Employee ID card for easy secure identification purpose with coding system to record real time employee time attendance data.

Towards achieving the Company’s Vision and Mission, We of the Division pledge to the following Ten Commandments : To discharge the obligations and responsibilities of my position in the best interest of my employer, except where such would conflict with Law and Morality.

To perform my duties to the full extent of my ability, placing the protection of people, resources and properties under my charge.

To observe the highest principles of honesty, integrity and loyalty at all times.

To respect, obey and uphold the law, and to assist police officers, and other law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties, if requested to do so or in the event of emergency.

To remain constantly alert, observant and to be physically and mentally prepared.

To report accurately, truthfully and promptly on all matters within the scope of my authority, without regard for friendships, prejudices or personal advantages.

To deal with the public in a businesslike manner, combining firmness, courtesy, fairness and tact.

To treat my fellow colleagues with respect, consideration and loyalty, never allowing personal feelings to endanger the work relationship.

To maintain a neat, well groomed appearance at all times, and to keep my uniforms and equipment in proper order.

To take advantage of all training and educational programs that might enable me to improve my professional ability.