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Online BPC Bill payment via T Pay app

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With the launch of T Banks’ internet banking Mobile App (T Pay) on February 13, 2018, BPC’s electricity bill can now be paid through T Pay as well. The app is freely available for download on Android phone and people can avail it by typing “T Bank T Pay”. And the IOS versions will also be available soon on the app store.

The payment via TPay app will be updated in the BPC SAP system on real time basis allowing a customer friendly billing service. The customer should only know their contract account number/ consumer number (as reflected in the spot bills) which is then entered into the mobile application.

The customer has to first register their consumer number in the app and then only make the payment. The app will send a request to BPC-SAP system for outstanding amount and the same will be displayed to the customer via the app. The customer can make final payment by entering the transaction pin. After this, the bank does the credit/debit processes and make another request to update BPC-SAP system. Hence providing an instant payment and the customers are informed on the payment instantly at the end of the transaction.

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