Transmission Construction Department

Transmission Construction Department (TCD) under Transmission Services (TS) of BPC is responsible for construction of high voltage (66 kV and above) transmission lines, substations and associated O&M infrastructures of BPC. The construction works undertaken are mostly for network expansion through BPC’s investment plan or deposit work from hydroelectric projects (HEP). Network expansions are associated with grid extension work to provide reliable and adequate power and also for export of surplus power to India. TCD and the Project Offices is responsible for tendering and award of work, monitoring and supervision of the construction and quality control. The construction works are executed by engaging both local and international (mostly from India) contractors. The Engineering and Design is taken up by the Engineering, Design and Contracts Department. Technical assistance from firms like POWERGRID and WAPCOS / CEA are also sought in design, engineering and monitoring especially for construction of 400 kV transmission line and substation projects. Consultants are also mandated to help develop in-house expertise in design and monitoring through close interaction and training both at site and consultants home. TCD is headed by a General Manager. Project offices headed by Superintending Engineer (SE) or Senior Project Manager (SPM) are created on a project base for better co-ordination and management of site work progress and quality. Project Offices are established based on the requirement of taking up new projects. The transmission lines, substations and O&M infrastructures are handed over to Transmission Department (TD) after completion, commissioning and capitalization for O&M purpose.

The present Organogram of TCD is as show below:


Transmission Construction Department has staff strength of 217. Staff are recruited as per the requirement and HR Master plan.

The works are monitored through Monthly Progress Review Meeting with the contractor at Project Level and Quarterly Progress Review Meeting at Head Office Level, which is organized by Transmission Services.

The following are the details of projects under implementation:

Sl# Project/Contracts/Others Contractor Contract cost (Nu. million) Contract signing date
1 400 kV Puna I Transmission Project Office      
a 400 kV Punatsangchhu-I transmission system (Package A) Consortium of M/s. Jyoti Structures & M/s. Gammon Ltd.  2,900.85 12.08.2010
b 400 kV Punatsangchhu-I transmission system (Package B) Consortium of M/s. Jyoti Structures & M/s. Gammon Ltd.  2,900.85 12.08.2010
c Consultancy services for transmission lines POWERGRID  126.46 22.4.2009
d Construction of pre-fabricated Staff Quarters at Lobesa, Kamichhu, Dagapela & Lhamoizingkha M/s. KD Construction  16.29 08.06.2010
e Construction of Staff Quarters at Lobesa M/s. Welfare Construction  43.62 26.05.2010
f Construction of Staff Quarters at Dagapela M/s. Norgay Construction  38.00 06.10.2010
g Construction of Staff Quarters at Lhamoizingkha M/s. Gyaltshen Construction  18.71 27.01.2011
h Renovation of office building Sangrila Construction  0.69
i EIA Kelwang Consultancy  2.44 26/04/1900
j Rectification work at Dagapela Kuenchab Rabten Construction  1.78 15/10/2015
  Subtotal 1


2 400 kV Mangdechhu Transmission Project Office
a Technical Services for 400 kV TLs for MHEP WAPCOS/CEA  147.69 29/09/2011
b 400 kV TL contract KPTL  5,489.73 17/01/2013
c Hollow block at Tintibi Dungkar  21.74 04/12/2015
d O&M Infra at Yurmoo Shyama Power India Ltd.  35.86 31/12/2015
e O&M Infra at Tintibi P.T Construction  18.09 21/04/2016
  Subtotal 2    5,713.11  
3 400 kV Puna II Transmission Project Office      
a) Consultancy Agreement with POWERGRID  POWERGRID  160.44 13.12.2012
b) Construction of 400 kV D/C Transmission Line from Puna II to Jigmeling KEC  1,809.11 16.1.2014
  Subtotal 3    1,969.56  
4 400 kV GIS Transmission Project Office
a Technical Services for ICT for MHEP WAPCOS/CEA  98.23 23/01/2014
b 400 kV GIS, Jigmeling Hyosung JV KEC  2,443.27 07/08/2015
c Infra at Jigmeling Wangnor  34.54 16/10/2015
  Subtotal 4    2,576.04  
7 Transmission Project Office, Samtse      
a Construction of O&M infrastructure in samtse  Loden Construction  34.28 30.9.2014
b Boundary fencing and approach road at substation site, Kangduphu, Sipsoo  Lamyag Builders  7.49 14/04/2016
  Subtotal 5    41.76  
9 Transmission Project Office, Thimphu  
a) 66 kV TL from Pangrizampa to Gasa (42 km)  JV BECPL & BEPCL  341.74 6.11.2014
b) Jemina – Changedaphu TL
i Execution DHI INFRA  65.79 27/01/2016
ii Supply of tower, stubs and nuts & bolts Shyama Power India Ltd.  30.30
iii Supply of conductor, OPGW, accessories JV BEPCL & BECPL  25.04
  Subtotal 10    462.87  
10 Transmission Project Office, Samdrup Jongkhar      
a 132 kV D/C TL from Motanga to Phuntshothang (22 km) Gammon India Ltd.  278.04 2.4.2015
b 132 kV D/C TL from Kanglung to Phuntshothang (52 km) Shyama Power India Ltd.  482.26 25/06/2015
c 132 kV D/C TL from Motanga to Nganglam (38 km) Shyama Power India Ltd.  337.35 25/06/2015
d Tower testing Shyama Power India Ltd.  10.01 11/09/2015
e Construction of 6 block semi permanent Ekra N. Yarphel Construction  10.13 28/01/2016
  Subtotal 10    1,117.79  
11 Transmission Project Office, Trashigang
a 132 kV TL from Merung, Trashigang to Corlung, Trashiyangtse Gammon India Ltd.  207.81 07/01/2016
b 132 kV Corlung substation Siddharth Engineering Ltd.  303.53 11/02/2016
  Subtotal 5    511.34  
12 Transmission Project Office, Dagapela
a 2 x 10 MVA, 220 kV substation at Dagapela Shyama Power India Ltd.  366.28 10/12/2015
  GRAND TOTAL    18,808.44