Transmission Department

Transmission Department (TD) is responsible for operation and maintenance (O&M) of high voltage (66kV and above) transmission system in Bhutan. It ensures reliable transmission network for transmitting electric power from hydro power plants to load centers within Bhutan for local consumption and export to India.

Organization Chart of Transmission Department
Organization Chart of Transmission Department

RCO: Regional Corporate Office
SMD: Substation Maintenance Division
TMD: Transmission Maintenance Division

There are nine Divisions under four Regional Corporate Offices. Substation Maintenance Division, Semtokha reports directly to Transmission Department Head Office.

Transmission Department’s objectives are as follows:

  • To ensure highest reliability of the transmission lines and substations
  • To ensure best operation and maintenance practices
  • To ensure highest safety practices
  • To ensure the staffs are kept abreast with the latest technology
  • To ensure specialization in core areas
  • To excel in Control and Protection

Apart from O&M of substations and Transmission lines, TD has to take up numerous works due to growth in electricity use, aging transmission system and accommodation requirement for the staffs. TD and its team strive to provide safe and reliable power supply to consumers within the country and to export to India.

 Some the key initiatives of 2015 and achievements

  1. Started the Up-gradation of 66kV Substation to 2x20MVA at Paro
  2. Re-alignment of 220kV Rurichhu-Tsirang line at Dogorthang for PHPA dumping yard
  3. Re-alignment of 132kV Dewathang-Rangia line for industrial estate
  4. Re-alignment of Rurichu-Semtokha line at Semtokha
  5. Changed CT at 220kV Substation at Semtokha
  6. Retrofitting of relays at Haa substation by C&PD and SMD Semtokha
  7. Shifting of 8MVA transformer from Paro to Watsa
  8. Awarded up-gradation work of Singhigaon substation to GIS substation


TD officials with Managing Director
TD officials with Managing Director

Tower erection under progress at Motanga(PDR33) Retrofitting team with Haa substation staff. CT Replacement at Semtokha substation Conductor Damage by falling tree at Hinglay la