Demonstration of Temporary Earthing Equipment

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Demonstration of Temporary Earthing Equipment was carried out at Training Centre at  Begana on 9th May, 2019. It was organized by Distribution & Customer Services Department (DCSD).

The demonstration was graced by CEOs of Bhutan Electricity Authority and Bhutan Power Corporation Limited. The Operation and Maintenance Unit Heads of 19 Electricity Services Division (ESDs), a team from BEA, and SI&CD were among the participants.

DCSD had collected sample from Honeywell in 2017 (SALISBURY make – IEC earthing equipment 300 series kit) which is light in weight weighing around 7.75 kg. This particular equipment was tested for the more than a year for its convenience of usage at site by O&M Division, ESD Thimphu and Mr. Chejey Wandgi CTO, Wangdue. It was found out that unlike other earthing sets available in BPC, it is better in quality light in weight as well easily useable at sites.

DCSD has been currently using German make earthing set which weighs12 kg and has a shorting lead of 4 meter.

With the new temporary earthing set which is not only lighter to carry but also has a longer shorting lead which allows to  ground the grounding rod more than 5 meter (BPCs safety standard) from working area, the equipment is expected to provide a safer working condition for the maintenance team.

Currently, each ESD is provided with two sets of earthing equipment and it will be soon provided to Electricity Sub-Service Divisions (ESSDs) as well.

The Temporary Earthing Equipment set was centrally procured by DCSD at a cost of Nu 218,290.00 per set.