“myLogmey” app and web payment portal was launched on 17th BPC Day

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myLogmey app and web payment was launched on July 1, 2019 by the CEO, Mr. Sonam Tobjey, in the BPC  Board Room in the presence of other Management members, Senior Officers and the IT R&D team.

The app can be downloaded freely from the Google Play (Android devices) and App Store (iOS devices). With this app, the customers can pay their utility bills and can avail other services like online service request (for Thimphu only) in the current version. Other Dzongkhags can avail the online service request in the next phase of the mobile app project.

Customers can also pay their utility bills via web site (http://pay.bpc.bt) .

The mobile app and web payment portal was solely developed in-house. Login session, past bill history and other services shall be made available in the second phase.

CEO congratulated the IT R&D team for the hard work and conveyed his appreciation to the app developers and stressed on the “Sustainability” and prompt unbiased services to the Customers.