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Appointment of Directors

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From left to right
1. Mr. Sangay Tenzin, Director, HR&CS 2. Ms. Kinley Dem, Director, FAS 3. CEO 4. Ms. Dechen Dema, Director, STS, Mr. Thinley Gyeltshen, Director, TS 6. Mr. Sandeep Rai, Director, DS

The Chief Executive Officer, BPC formally appointed the Directors’ for 5 Services vis Transmission Services, Distribution Services, Human Resource & Corporate Services, Finance and Accounts Services and Strategy and Technology Services.

  1. Mr. Sangay Tenzin is appointed as the Director for Human Resources & Corporate Services
  2. Ms. Kinley Dem is appointed as the Director for Finance & Account Services
  3. Ms. Dechen Dema is appointed as the Director for Stratety & Technology Services
  4. Mr. Thinley Gyeltshen is appointed as the Director for Transmission Services
  5. Mr. Sandeep Rai is appointed as the Director for Distribution Services

With the appointment of the new Management, the incumbent Management was successfully dissolved. CEO met with the out-going Management team and he thanked everyone for their continued support and dedication in realizing the objectives and goals of the company. He highlighted the critical role played by the current Management system in shaping the position of the Company. He wished them successful career progression in BPC and expected to work with them with similar zeal.