About Us

Bhutan Power Corporation Limited was launched as a public utility on the 1st of July 2002 with the mandate of distributing electricity throughout the Country and also providing transmission access for generating stations for domestic supply as well as export. One of BPC’s basic mandate was to not only ensure that electricity is available to all our citizens but to also make sure that it is reliable, adequate and above all within the means of all consumers...

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The best power utility in the region committed to quality services, maximization of value and sustainable socio-economic development in pursuit of GNH

Electricity Tariff

Tariff Structure 1st October 2013 – 30th June 2014 1st July 2014 – 30th June 2015 1st July 2015 – 30th June 2016
Low Voltage
LV Block I (ruraldomestic) (0-100 kWh) Nu./kWh 0 0 0
LV Block I (others)(0-100 kWh) Nu./kWh 0.98 1.12 1.28
LV Block II (all)(>100-300 kWh) Nu./kWh 1.86 2.13 2.45
LV Block III (all)(>300 kWh) Nu./kWh 2.46 2.82 3.23
LV Bulk Nu./kWh 2.56 3.07 3.68
Medium Voltage
Energy Charge Nu./kWh 1.98 2.19 2.43
Demand Charge Nu./kWh/month 155 195 235
High Voltage
Energy Charge Nu./kWh 1.67 1.81 1.96
Demand Charge Nu./kWh/month 130 155 180
Wheeling Nu./kWh 0.114 0.114 0.114
take care while using electricity

Take Care While Using Electricity


  • It is important to report any emergency arising out of electricity to BPC contact centre agent at Toll Free number 1250
  • Stay away from Substations and other electrical equipments
  • Buy and use genuine and good quality electrical fittings & wires approved by Bhutan Standards Bureau
  • Remember to unplug the water heater


  • Overload the outlet with too many plugs
  • Try to open/repair any appliances
  • Climb on electric poles/towers
  • Touch an electric switch with wet hands
  • Open the electric mini pillar along the street

Electrical Safety Videos

Contact Us

BPC Corporate Head Office

Yarden Lam

Tel: 975-2-325095-6

Fax: 975-2-322279

P.O.Box. 580

Thimphu Bhutan