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Electrical Safety Tips

Install ELCB/RCCB in your house to protect yourself from electric shocks while handling electrical appliances.

Do not use damaged cables in service. It should be repaired or replaced immediately by a competent person. Do not touch or connect the damaged electrical appliances.

Do not construct houses or structures under or near electrical lines as it cause danger to life and property. Houses constructed below the power lines are subjected to lightning strikes.

Please seek advice from BPC local office if you wish to use PORTABLE GENERATOR in your premise during power supply outage. Inappropriate use of portable generator could cause HAZARDS as power can flow back to BPC system.

Always assume stray wires to be live and stay away from it. If you see a fallen electrical wire/ cable, stay away and call BPC at 1250 (TOLL FREE).

Do NOT cut down trees near power lines. It could fall on power lines and lead to fatal accidents. Watch out for power lines before you climb a tree. You may get electric shock from the leakage current.

Watch out while using ladders for overhead wires and power lines. Do not lean ladder on the overhead wires and power cables.