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Huge power shortage expected

Ugyen Dorji General

Source – Kuensel: BPC considers energy banking, small hydropower plants, import, thermal plants and load shedding to meet shortage

9 February, 2010 – Bhutan, rich in hydropower could face power shortage, up to 20 MW, by the late winter months of 2010 and early 2011. Read more »

PMS January 2010

Promotion Due List January 2010 (Format: Excel, Size: 42.5 KB)

Distribution & Customer Services Department
1 Billing & Collection Unit, ESD, Thimphu Download
2 Chenary PH, Trashigang, ESD, Trashigang Download
3 Central Maintenance & Training Division, Begana Download
4 Distribution & Customer Services Department (HO) Download
5 Diesel Power House, ESD, Thimphu Download
6 Electricity Services Division, Bumthang Download
7 Electricity Services Division, Dagana Download
8 Electricity Services Division, Gelephu Download
9 Electricity Services Division, Haa Download
10 Electricity Services Division, Lhuentse Download
11 Electricity Services Division, Mongar Download
12 Electricity Services Division, Paro Download
13 Electricity Services Division, Pema Gatshel Download
14 Electricity Services Division, Phuentsholing Download
15 Electricity Services Division, Punakha Download
16 Electricity Services Division, Samtse Download
17 Electricity Services Division, SamdrupJongkhar Download
18 Electricity Services Division, Trashigang Download
19 Electricity Services Division, Thimphu Download
20 Electricity Services Division, Trongsa Download
21 Electricity Services Division, Tsirang Download
22 Electricity Services Division, Trashi Yangtse Download
23 Electricity Services Division, Wangdue Download
24 Electricity Services Division, Zhemgang Download
25 ESSD, Gedu, ESD, Phuentsholing Download
26 ESSD, Kanglung, ESD, Trashigang Download
27 ESSD, Khaling, ESD, Trashigang Download
28 ESSD, Rangjung, ESD, Trashigang Download
29 ESSD, Sarpang, ESD, Gelephu Download
30 ESSD, Trashigang, ESD, Trashigang Download
31 ESSD, Tsimalhakha, ESD, Phuentsholing Download
32 ESSD, Wamrong,ESD,Trashigang Download
33 Gidakom Power Hydel, ESD, Thimphu Download
34 Thimphu Mini Hydel, ESD, Thimphu Download
35 Operation & Maintenance, ESD, Thimphu Download
36 Planning & Construction, ESD, Thimphu Download
37 Urban Electrification DIvision, Bumthang, DCSD Download
38 Urban Electrification Division, Phobjikha, DCSD Download
39 Urban Electrification Division, Thimphu, DCSD Download
Development & Construction Department
1 220kV Dagachu-Tsirang-Jigmeling-Lodrai TDO,Tsirang Download
2 220KV Dagachhu-Tsirang-Jigmeling-Lodrai TPO, Tsirang Download
3 Development & Construction Department, Thimphu Download
4 400kV Punatsangchhu -I, TDO, Lhamoizingkha Download
5 400kV Punatsangchhu-I Trans Project Office Download
6 400kV Punatsangchu-I TDO, Kamichhu Download
7 Subdivision & Liaison Unit,Malbase-Samtse 220 KV Line,P Download
8 Transmission Construction Section-Central, Trongsa, DCD Download
Engineering, Design and Contract Department
1 Engineering, Design and Contract Department, Thimphu Download
2 IT Division, EDCD, Thimphu Download
Finance & Accounts Department
1 FAD, Gelephu Download
2 Finance & Accounts Department Download
3 FAD, Mongar Download
4 FAD, Pema Gatshel Download
5 FAD, Phuentsholing Download
6 FAD, Samtse Download
7 FAD, S/Jongkhar Download
8 FAD, Trashigang Download
Human Resources & Administration Department
1 Human Resources & Administration Department, HO Download
MD’s Office
1 MD’s Office, Thimphu Download
2 Internal Audit, MD’s Office(HO) Download
Procurement Services Department
1 Procurement Services Department, Thimphu Download
2 Regional Stores Division,Gelephu,PSD Download
3 Regional Stores Division, P/ling, PSD Download
4 Regional Stores Division, S/Jongkhar, PSD Download
Rural Electrification Department
1 RE-Construction Division, Gelephu Download
2 RE-CSD, Khaling, RE-CD, Mongar Download
3 RE-Construction Division, Mongar Download
4 RE-Construction Division, Samtse Download
5 RE-Construction Division, S/Jongkhar Download
6 RE-Construction Division Thimphu Download
7 RE-Construction Division, Tsirang Download
8 RE-CSD,Gyelpozhing, RE-CD, Mongar Download
9 RE-CSD, Mongar, RE-CD, Mongar Download
10 RE-CSD, Nganglam, RE-CD, S/Jongkhar Download
11 RE-CSD, Pema Gatshel, RE-CD, S/Jongkhar Download
12 RE-CSD, P/ling, RE-CD, Thimphu Download
13 RE-CSD, Punakha, RE-CD, Thimphu Download
14 RE-CSD,Trongsa, RE-CD, Gelephu Download
15 RD-CSD, Dagapela, RD – CD, Tsirang Download
16 Rural Electrification Department, Thimphu Download
Security Services Division
1 Security Services Division (HO) Download
Transmisssion Department
1 Substation, Malbase, SMD, P/ling Download
2 TD SCADA, Thimphu Download
3 System Coordinator Office, TD, Thimphu Download
4 Substation, Chumdo, SMD, Semtokha Download
5 Substation, Dechenchholing, SMD, Semtokha Download
6 Substation, Deothang, SMD, Kanglung Download
7 Substation, Gedu, SMD, P/ling Download
8 Substation, Gomtu, SMD, P/ling Download
9 Substation, Haa, SMD, Semtokha Download
10 Substation, Jemina, SMD, Semtokha Download
11 Substation Maintenance Division, Kanglung Download
12 Substation, Kilikhar, SMD, Kanglung Download
13 Substation, Lobeysa, SMD, Semtokha Download
14 Substation, Nangkor, SMD, Kanglung Download
15 Substation, Nanglam, SMD, Kanglung Download
16 Substation, Olakha, SMD, Semtokha Download
17 Substation, Paro, SMD, Semtokha Download
18 Substation Maintenance Division, Phuentsholing Download
19 Substation Maintenance Division, Semtokha Download
20 Substation, Wacha, SMD, Semtokha Download
21 SMG , Gelephu, TMD, Gelephu Download
22 SMG, Pling, SMD, Pling Download
23 Substation, Gelephu, TMD, Gelephu Download
24 Substation,Kanglung,SMD,Kanglung Download
25 Substation, Phuentsholing, SMD, P/ling Download
26 Substation, Singhigaon, SMD, P/ling Download
27 Substation, Semtokha, SMD, Semtokha Download
28 Substation, Tingtibi, TMD, Gelephu Download
29 Substation, Tangmachu, SMD, Kanglung Download
30 ransmission Department, Thimphu Download
31 TLMG Chapcha,TMD, Tsimalakha Download
32 TLMG Gaselo,TMD,Semtokha Download
33 TLMG I, Gelephu, TMD, Gelephu Download
34 LMG I, Gyelpozhing, TMD, Gyelpozhing Download
35 TLMG III, Autsho,TMD,Gyelpozhing Download
36 TLMG III, Deothang, TMD, Nangkor Download
37 TLMG III, Panbang, TMD, Gelephu Download
38 TLMG II, Nanglam, TMD, Nangkor Download
39 400kV TLMG Tala-Khogla, TMD, P/ling Download
40 TLMG – I, Nangkor, TMD, Nangkor Download
41 400kV TLMG, P/ling, TMD, P/ling Download
42 220/66kV TLMG, P/ling, TMD, P/ling Download
43 Transmission Line Maintenance Group – Semtokha Download
44 TLMG, Tsimalakha, TMD, Semtokha Download
45 400kV TLMG, Tala-Pugli, TMD, P/ling Download
46 220 KV Substation, Dharjey, TMD, Gelephu Download
47 Transmission Maintenance Division, Gyelpozhing Download
48 Transmission Maintenance Division, Nangkor Download
49 Transmission Maintenance Division, Phuentsholing Download
50 Transmission Maintenance Division, Semtokha Download


1 List of Inspectors Nominated for Inspection for the year 2010 Download

1 List of Inspectors Nominated for Inspection for the year 2009 Download

February 2009
1 the test on 20 MVA, 66/33kV Transformer No. 2. Download
2 the test on 66kV Breaker, CVT, 110V & 48 V Battery and Battery Charger Download

March 2009
1 400 kV double circuit Tx Line for Punatsangchu – I Project Download
2 66 kV SF6 circuit breaker and CVT Download
3 the heat treatment and polishing of Rangjung runners Download

April 2009
1 37th Operation Coordination Committee (OCC) Download

May 2009
1 steel structure for Turnkey Package for 2×20 MVA, 66/33kV Substation, Olakha Download

July 2009
1 The test on 66kV Relay & Control Panels Download
2 Distribution Transformer Download
3 XLPE Cables at the Factory Premise Download
4 ACSR Conductor and PVC Cables Download
5 XLPE Cable and Jointing Kits Download
6 Transformers at Supplier/Manufacturer’s Factory Download

August 2009
1 Inspection of 2 x 5 MVA and 3 x 2.5 MVA, 33/11 kV Power Transformer 33/11 kV substation Download

October 2009
1 Inspection of 11/33kV switchgear panels for 33/11 kV substation Download

State of the Nation

Ugyen Dorji General

Source: Kuensel – PM-Mission 2013
In the first annual report 2008-09 of the DPT government, Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y Thinley cited a great many achievements, some of which included an economic growth of 8.1 percent.

As of April 2009, Bhutan’s foreign reserves have increased to about USD 663m, which was sufficient to fund 17 months of imports against the requirement of 12 months.
Inflation, which was 9.21% last year, declined to 7.21% in the first quarter of 2009. Read more »