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13th BPC Day

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BPC celebrated its 13th BPC DAY on 1 July 2015 with much jubilance and excitement with Hon’ble Board Members, Management and Staff. The day marked 13 years of excellent service to the Nation.

The day began with Lhabsang Thrusel at Corporate Office Choesham. At exactly 9.00 AM a brief Management meeting was conducted to mark the joining of the new MD and to celebrate the 13th BPC DAY.
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Celebration of “Happy BPC Day 2015” at RCO, BPC, Phuentsholing

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Mr. Ugyen Rinzin, Assistance Manager, HRA-Unit, RCO, BPC, Phuentsholing, the co-ordinator of entire  event welcomed the Regional Manager (Chairperson of the day) and the entire BPC team members under RCO, BPC, Phuentsholing for the celebration of 13th BPC day 2015 with the theme “Happy BPC Day – 2015”. The celebration was inaugurated with the lighting of butter lamp to mark and celebrate the 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the 4th Druk Gyalpo of Bhutan and His Holiness the 70th Je khenpo Trulku Jigme Chhoeda.

Thereafter, the event was followed by the message of our new Managing Director, which was read out clear and loud by Mr. Chador Phuntsho, Divisional Manager of ESD, Phuentsoling to entire BPC team members under RCO, BPC, Phuentsholing. The Regional Manager, RCO, BPC, Phuentsholing also conveyed his appreciation of excellent co-operations and co-ordinations that he has observed amongst the entire divisions under the umbrella of RCO, Phuentsholing. He also stressed on the importance of “QIS – Quality, Integrity and Safety” of our former Managing Director.

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BPC DAY in different Rhythm for RCO, BPC, Phuntsholing

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It reckon same day for entire BPC nationwide; but, the quantum of hilarity, jubilation, hue and ecstasy of the occasion ought to be entirely different.

The BPC day for RCO, BPC, Phuntsholing 2014, was beyond him and rim joyful celebration in the eye of entire staff and the gesture/ actions of the actors and speakers of the day.
Enjoyment was stop less!!!
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