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Address by CEO

The CEO highlighted the importance of the reliable power supply 24/7 but not at the cost of safety to public as well as employees of BPC. The CEO also acknowledged the efforts put in by the employees to serve the people by working tirelessly day and night.

The Management and General Managers offered butter lamps and prayers at Dechenphodrang Lhakhang.

Award recipient of Appreciation for Outstanding Performance

  1. Mr. Neten Dorji, Driver, ESD, Gelephu
  2. Mr. Pasang Tshering Tamang, Divisional Manager, ESD, Mongar
  3. Ms. Tila Rupa Adhikari, Manager, FAD
  4. Mr. Ranjit Uroan, Sub-Divisional Manager, ESSD, Panbang
  5. Mr. Rinzin Dorji, Senior Manager, HRMS

Award Recipient of Lifetime Service Awards from His Majesty the King. 

  1. Sangay Dorji, Deputy Manager, TLMSD, Tsirang
  2. Sonam Lhendup, SBO, Gelephu Substation
  3. Sahar Man Rai, Technician, ESD, Wangdue

19th BPC Day

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July 1st, 2021 marks 19 years of Bhutan Power Corporation Limited’s service to the nation. This year’s theme was based on “Protect Self, Protect Others”. BPC was established as a public utility company after bifurcation of Department of Energy, MOEA on July 1st, 2002.

To celebrate 19th BPC Day, the day started with an offering of 1000 butter lamps and prayers for the wellbeing of the employees and the Nation at the Dechen Phodrang Lhakhang by the Management and Head of Departments. The program followed with tree plantation at the Head Office and launching of Self- Meter Reading, KPI Dashboard, BPC Caller Ring Back Tone, BPC Welfare Scheme and a customer information video on MCCB and RCCB.

Disclaimer: Mask were taken off briefly for the photo.

The CEO in his address thanked the employees for their dedication and hard work, service to the Nation and reiterated on the importance of safety. He said unlike the past years, although the celebration has been discreet and low profile, he hoped for a better days where all the employees could gather and celebrate the day together.

The offices at the sites also celebrated the day by offering 1000 butter lamps in the Lhakhangs. ESD, Thimphu staff lead by the Chief Engineer offered 1000 butter lamps at the Changangkha Lhakhang to mark the day.

The offices at the sites also celebrated the day by offering 1000 butter lamps in the Lhakhangs.

We wish BPC employees a healthy and a safe year ahead.

“Protect Self, Protect Others”.