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Selected candidate for Head, Planning & Monitoring Unit, Metering, Billing & Collection Unit , Operation & Maintenance Unit

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In pursuant to the internal vacancy announcement of Head, Planning & Coordination Unit, Metering, Billing & Collection Unit, Operation & Maintenance Unit under Electricity Services Division, Thimphu via letter No.BPC/HRA/HR-01/2020/982, 983, 984 dated June 19, 2020 respectively and the selection interview held on July 6, 2020 HRAD is pleased to declare the outcome of the result. The selected candidate for the aforementioned positions are as follows:

Planning & Monitoring Unit

Sl. No.Candidate NameOfficeResult
1Sonam Pelden Tshewang (30000579)ESD, ThimphuSelected

 Metering, Billing & Collection Unit

Sl. No.Candidate NameOfficeResult
1Dorji Gyeltshen  (30001983)ESD, ThimphuSelected

 Operation & Maintenance Unit

Sl. No.Candidate NameOfficeOffice
1Sonam Tobgay   (30000386)ESD, ThimphuSelected