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Selected Candidate for Sub-Divisional Manager, ESSD, Phobjikha, ESD, Wangdue

Sonam Choki Internal Tags:

In pursuant to the internal vacancy announcement of Sub-Divisional Managers, ESSD, Phobjikha, ESD, Wangdue via letter No. No. BPC/HRA/HR-01/2020/1493 dated August 6, 2020 and further extended vide letter No.BPC/HRA/HR-01/2020/1680 dated October 5, 2020 HRAD is pleased to declare the outcome of the selection result. The selected candidates is as follows:

ESSD, Phobjikha, ESD, Wangdue:

Sl. No.Candidate NamePersonnel No.OfficeResult
1Passang Dorji30002785ESD, TrongsaSelected