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Additional backup team for ESD Samdrupjongkhar and Phuentsholing

Sonam Choki General
  1.  ESD Samdrup Jongkhar

ESD Samdrupjongkhar has been responding to the emergency needs of the electricity during ongoing lock down with the formation of two teams (Core team & the backup team). These two teams were isolated from each other and were stationed in different locations (Core team in RSD area & backup in the ESD office) to avoid direct contact amongst the team.

With the detection of COVID-19 positive case in BPC colony in Samdrup Jongkhar, BPC premises (Office & colony) is cordoned off and declared as Red Zone by COVID TF. One of the team members from core team (stationed in RSD area) is identified as the  primary contact of the positive case detected from BPC colony. In this scenario, both core team and back up are not available leading to shortage of critical manpower in the area for delivering emergency services.

To address the gap, additional layer of backup team is formed with the employees from nearby offices as follows:

Sl. NoPersonal No.Name Designation Contact No.Office currently attached Remarks
130001091Tashi WangchukEngineer17450834ESD Samdrup JongkharTeam Leader
230000797Karma TsheltrumTechnician II17697854ESD, S/Jongkhar 
330001659Neten TshewangAsst. Lineman17809903ESD, Sjongkhar 
430002147Tashi WangdiTechnician II17324099ESSD, Samdrupcholing 
530002685Tashi TobjayTechnician II17694935ESSD, Jomotsangkha 
630002200Kharka BdrTechnician IV17454850ESSD, Jomotsangkha 

This additional backup team has been activated and dispatched to Samdrup Jongkhar. They shall be operating on an isolation mode.

Note:     In case of emergency breakdown maintenance works in Deothang & Samdrupcholoing area,  additional manpower shall be pooled  from TMD & SMD staffs of Deothang.

  1. ESD Phuenthsoling

There is no requirement of such additional backup team to be dispatched at this stage as the core teams were isolated in the different locations from BPC colony are (cordoned off area). Both core teams are available for service delivery. The additional backup team shall be activated and dispatched only if such a need arises in Phuentsholing.