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Notification to HV and MV Customers (Continuation of Relief Measures till December 2021)

Sonam Choki External

In line with the directives received from the Department of Revenue & Customs, Ministry of Finance (MoF), RGoB vide order no. DRC/Fiscal Measures-Covid-19/2021/06 dated 1st July 2021 and further instruction received from DHI vide letter no. DHI/CEO/DOC/2021/431 dated 1st July 2021, BPC shall continue the following relief measures to its HV and MV customers till December 2021.

  1. Demand charges to be  billed on actual consumption basis;
  2. Demand charges to be deferred on a case by case basis upon application.

The HV and MV customers are therefore requested to kindly note the following payment schedule;

  1. Energy charge to be paid as per the normal monthly payment schedule;
  2. Demand charge shall be deferred for three months if approved by the Government;
  3. For availing the deferment, customer shall apply to the Department of Revenue & Customs, MoF, Thimphu for their review and approval;
  4. If deferment of demand charge is not approved, customer shall clear it as per the normal monthly payment schedule; 

BPC Management