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Meter Reading Through whatsapp in Gelephu and Phuentsholing

Sonam Choki General

This is to inform our valued customers in Phuentsholing and Gelephu that with the current lockdown started from 15th January, 2022, meter reading activities for some of customers in Phuentsholing and Gelephu areas could not be completed as these places are declared as “Red Dzongkhags”.

BPC would like to an initiate meter reading in these area through WhatsApp.  We would like to request our customers from the following areas who haven’t received their electricity bills for the month of January 2022 to take photograph of the meters and send it along with your consumer number to the WhatsApp number of the officials mentioned against the Dzongkhag:

DzongkhagArea of uncompleted meter readingsWhatApps Number
  PhuentsholingDhamdara/Pepaldara, Industrial area, Lower market/upper market, Ramitey, Norgay area, Kabraytar, Pasakha, Pachu,Tading, Chilaouney, Pana, Khateykha, Chimuna, Dophulakha & Dungna  +975 – 17655716  (Mr. Tshulthrim Dorji)
  GelephuLhayul/Chuzom, Pemaling, Pemathang, Jigmeling, Chuzargang, Dolongang, BPC/RBA colony, Dechenpelri, Raidrangra, Samtenling, Gogidrangra, Umling, Taraythang, Rabdelding, Samkhara & Jigmecholing  +975 – 17410902 (Mr. Padam Lal Tamang)

We will validate the readings received, prepare bills and deliver individually in the WhatsApp accounts. Alternatively, the bill(s) can be availed online in BPC website by visiting (Detail procedures to avail the online bills is posted in BPC Facebook page)

If you face any difficulty in locating your meter or sending your reading (photo), kindly contact the above officials for assistance.