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Sonam Choki Tender

108A/BPC/TCD/2022/32                                                                               January 21, 2022

Tender :            Supply of towers and erection, testing and commissioning of one  no. 220 kV Double Circuit Transmission line from Pothead Yard of Chukkha Power House in Chukkha to upcoming substation at Jamjee, Thimphu (approximately 35 km)

Tender No. :  BPC/TS/TCD/2022/TENDER-01

In compliance to the Press Release dated January 20, 2022 from Prime Minister’s Office,  the  joint site visit scheduled on January 23, 2022 for the familiarization of the transmission line route of the Tender mentioned above cannot be carried out as the Inter-Dzongkhag travels are not allowed till January 30, 2022 or as subsequently notified.

The Pre-Bid Meeting scheduled on January 24, 2022 shall be convened online as scheduled on January 24, 2022 from 1100 Hrs. (BST) and the link shall be shared to the prospective bidders to attend the same.

General Manager