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e-Procurement System Launch

Tashi Dema General

BPC has launched e-Procurement system on 30th December 2022. The project was developed in collaboration with Zealous System Pvt. Ltd.

The e-Procurement system implemented is the SAP Ariba system. Ariba sourcing & contract life cycle management are comprehensive e-sourcing and contract management application designed for sourcing professionals & contract life cycle management with digital signature.  It is a web-based tool that allows to create and manage online bid events & monitor the contract for internal and external vendors. It allows stakeholders and suppliers to communicate online and expedite the sourcing process. Sourcing projects provide a single place to view all project-related information and allows the standardization of similar projects.

BPC will be routing any type of procurement & contract management through the e-Procurement system after completing the full system rollout.

The launch of this system marks a great achievement for the company, and we hope for another successful year ahead.

Happy New Year!