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Category: Internal

HRAD would like to inform that following candidates have been selected for the post of Head, Motanga & Damji Substation:

  1. Mr. Pushpalal Dahal, Head, Motanga Substation,SMD, Deothang
  2. Yeshey Nedup, Head, Damji Substation, Semtokha

For details, click the link below:

Selected candidate for the post of Manager, ITD

Sonam Choki Internal

HRAD is pleased to inform that Mr. Karma Tsheten has been selected as the Manager, ITD, ICD, STS. For details, download the link below.

Internal Vacancy Announcement

Sonam Choki Internal

HRAD, HRCS, BPC is pleased to announce the vacancy for the following postions:

  1. Head, Motanga Substation, SMD, Deothang
  2. Head, Damji Substation, SMD, Semtokha

Please click the link below for Terms of Reference

HRAD is pleased to announce internal vacancy for the post of Head, TLMSD, Yurmoo, Transmission Maintenance Division, Transmission Department Tintibi. The details of the post is attached for kind perusal.