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Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC), Thimphu invites sealed bids from registered electrical large Bhutanese & International firms and joint ventures for the “Up-Gradation of 33/11 kV Substation at Thimphu Mini Hydel (TMH), Thimphu”. Details of the bid are as follows:

1Bid No. & date                           BPC/DS/DCD/ED/C-08 dated April 17, 2021
2Bid DescriptionUp-Gradation of 33/11 kV Substation at Thimphu Mini Hydel (TMH), Thimphu.
3  Bid Details:  
a)  Cost of bid document:Nu. 15,000.00 (Non- refundable).  
b)Bid Sale Date.17th April 2021 to 31st May 2021
c)  Place of sale (address):ED, DCD, DS, BPC, Thimphu. (Telephone no. 02-321846; Fax No. 02-321847).  
d)  Submission of bids:    1st June 2021 (on or before 13:00 hrs).  
e)  Opening of bids:1st June 2021 (14:15 hrs).
f)  Venue for opening of bids:  BPC conference hall, Thimphu.  
g)Estimated Cost:49.933 million
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Extension for Sale & Submission of bids

Pema Tshering Tender Tags:

Bid No.: BPC/SMD-D/CIVIL/2021/Tender-01

The Substation Maintenance Division, Transmission Department, Bhutan Power Corporation Limited, Deothang, S/Jongkhar would like to extend the sale & Submission of bids for the “ Construction of PT Base at Deothang, Nangkhor, Kanglung, Kilikhar & Nganglam Substation”,  as follows;

Last Date of Sale:April 28, 2021 (Before17:00 hrs)
Date of Submission:April 29, 2021 (Before 13:00 hrs)
Date of Opening:April 29, 2021 at 14:30 hrs
Venue for Submission & Opening:Conference Hall of ESD, BPC, S/Jongkhar.

Interested bidders may purchase the complete set of bidding documents on submission of written application along with a copy of valid trade license, CDB certificate and tax clearance certificate to the Divisional Manager, SMD, BPC, Deothang, S/Jongkhar within working hours. For any query contact Mr. Thubten Zangpo at 17467801.                                                                                                                                                          

 Divisional Manager

Notice Inviting Re-tender

Sonam Choki Tender Tags: , ,

TENDER No. BPC/TS/TD/TMPO/Tsirang/2021/Tender-01      

Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC) invites sealed bids from eligible Small Class (W3) Bhutanese Contractors with valid trade license & CDB certificate for the following works

  1.  BidConstruction of Gabion wall and associated works at tower location no KJ 070 at Semjong and KJ 083 at Hathi Dunga under Tsirang Dzongkhag and KJ 137 at Rate Khola under Dekiling Gewog, Sarpang Dzongkhag
2Bid SecurityNu.54,570.00
3Cost of bid documentNu. 1000.00 (Non-refundable)
4Contract PeriodSix (6) months.
5Date of sale14.04.2021
6Last date of submissionBy 28.04.2021 (Before 14:00 hrs. sharp)
7Date & time of opening28.04.2021 (15:00 hrs.)
8  Venue for openingOffice of Chief Manager at 1st floor of Transmission Maintenance Project Office, BPC Building below RDP Workshop.
9Address for Sale, Submission and CommunicationChief Manager, Transmission Maintenance Project Office, Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd, Tsirang, Bhutan. Telephone: +975-06-471232, email:  

Interested Contractors may purchase complete set of bidding documents upon submission of written application to Chief Manager, Transmission Maintenance Project Office, BPC, Tsirang, during working hours with copy of valid Trade license, valid CDB certificate and tax clearance certificate. The bid security must be submitted in the forms of Demand Draft/Cash Warrant/Bank Guarantee drawn in favor of Finance Officer, FAS, BPC, Tsirang valid till 28th August, 2021.

                                                                                                                                     Chief Manager

Notice Inviting Bids

Sonam Choki Tender Tags:

Central Maintenance Division Project Office (CMDPO), Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC), Thimphu, would like to invite sealed bids for the following tender:

Sl. No.Tender No. & DateTender NameDate for saleDate for Submission of bidsDate of opening of bids
1BPC/CMDPO/2021 Equipment/2021/01    dt. 08th April 2021.Supply and delivery of Machineries, Tools, Spares and Consumables.From 09.04.2021 to 06.05.202106.05.2021 (13:00 Hrs.)06.05.2021 (14.30 Hrs.)
a) Place of sale (address):         Central Maintenance Division Project Office, Yarden Lam, BPC, Thimphu, Bhutan. Tel # +975-2-330684 Email:
b) Venue for opening of bids:BPC conference hall, Thimphu.
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