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The Contracts Management Section (CMS), Construction Division (CD), Construction &  Procurement Department (C&PD), Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC), Thimphu invites sealed bids from registered eligible large Bhutanese & International firms and joint ventures from these firms for the “  Up-gradation of 33/11 kV GIS SUBSTATION AT PELRITHNAG & SARPANGTAR ”. The brief details of the bid are as follows:

1Bid No. & date                           BPC/C&PD/CMS/TENDER-2023/02 dated February 11, 2023
2Bid DescriptionUp-gradation of 33/11 kV GIS SUBSTATION AT PELRITHNAG & SARPANGTAR
Bid Details:
Cost of bid document:
Bid Sale Date:
Place of sale (address):  
Submission of bids:  
Opening of bids:
Venue for opening of bids: Estimated Cost:
Nu. 5,000.00 (Non- refundable).
11th February 2023 to 14th March 2023 (Working Hours)
CMS, CD, PCD, BPC, Thimphu. (Telephone no. 02-322046).
30th March 2023 (on or before 13:00 hrs).
30th March 2023 (14:15 hrs).
BPC conference hall, Thimphu.
48.805 million

The bidding document can be purchased by any interested eligible bidder on the submission of written application together with valid trade license to the above address.  Bidding documents can also be downloaded from the BPC’s website The bidder who have downloaded the bid document and wish to participate should register with CMS, CD, C&PD, BPC, Thimphu prior to the bid sale date.