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TOMS, BPC, Phuentsholing would like to extend the bid submission date for the work “Package 1: Labour Contract work for Right of Way (RoW) clearing of  Transmission Lines under TOMS, BPC, Phuentsholing (Tender No:  39/TOMS/PLING/2023/TENDER-04 dated May 2023)  

a) Cost of bid document: Nu. 1,000.00 (Non-refundable).

b) Bid Sale Date: Till 28/06/2023 (working hours).

c) Place of sale: TOMS, BPC, Phuentsholing.(Telephone no. 05-250061).

d) Extended submission date:   28/06/2023 (on or before 12:00 hrs).

e) Opening of bids: 28/06/2023 (at 15:00 hrs.)

f) Venue for opening of bids: BPC Conference Hall, Phuentsholing.

g) Estimated Cost: Package 1: Nu.0.606 m

The bidding document can be purchased by any interested eligible bidder (small: W1/W3/W4) upon submission of written application together with valid CDB certificate &trade license to the above address.  The bidder who have downloaded the bid document and wish to participate should register with TOMS, BPC, Phuentsholing prior to the extended submission date.

TOMS, BPC, Phuentsholing