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NIT No. BPC/ESD/BUM/S-02/2024/61 Date. April 05, 2024

1.0 Electricity Services Division, Bumthang, Distribution & Customer Services Division (DCSD), Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC), Employer invites sealed Bids from eligible Bidders meeting the qualification requirements for the construction of Labour contract of Plan works as per the scope of work mentioned hereinafter.
2.0 The brief scope of work is as under:

  1. Labour Contract of Plan Work – Package A1 – 2021
    1.1. Plan Work: Distribution Lines and Substations
    a. RE-fill-in in and around Bumthang Dzongkhag (Extension of LV lines)
    b. Up-gradation of single phase to three phase LV ABC (4* under Bumthang Dzongkhag
    c. Single to three phase conversion (line and substation) at Bhim-Yerangbi
    d. Re-alignment of MV line at Takar, Chumey
    e. Extension of 11 kV HT line from Batpalathang feeder to Jalikhar town with installation of LBS at Jalikhar spur line
    f. Construction of 63 kVA, 33/0.415KV Substation with extension of LV line at Shingneer, Ura
    g. Installation of 33/0/ 415 kV, 63 kVA transformer with extension of 50 LV ABC at Makhruk, Chekhor
    h. Construction of 125 kVA/11/0.415 kV substation with extension of MV line at
    Phrumthang, Chumey, Bumthang

3.0 Detailed specifications, scope of Work and terms and conditions are given in the Bidding
Documents, which are available at the address given below as per the following schedule:

NIT No. and name of the package:NIT No. BFC/ESD/BUM/S-02/2024/61 dated April 05, 2024: Labour contract of Plan works-package A1- 2024
Estimated Cost of Works:Package – A1-2024: 2.63 million
Bidding Documents shall be available from:April 05, 2024 to April 25, 2024 from 09:00 Hrs. to 12:00Hrs
Bid receipt date & time:Up to April 25, 2024 by 12:00 Hrs.
Bid opening date & time:On April 25, 2024 at 14:30 Hrs. at ESD Bumthang Conference hall
Bidding Documents shall be available at:Divisional Manager, ESD, Bumthang, BPC,

4.0 Interested Bidders may obtain the bidding documents from Employer / relevant website.

5.0 Bidders downloading the documents from the website should register themselves by intimating the nodal officer of Employer, before the deadline for submission of Bid, its intention to submit the Bid on the basis of downloaded documents.

6.0 Issuance of bidding documents shall not automatically construe that the Bidder fulfils the Qualifying Requirements, which shall be determined during Bid evaluation based on data/documents submitted by the Bidder. Bids shall be submitted at the address given below and shall be opened in the presence of Bidder’s representatives who choose to attend.

7.0 All Bids must be accompanied by Bid security for an amount of BTN 52,518.81 (fifty two thousand five hundred eighteen and eight one chhetrum) only in the form of Bank Guarantee/ Demand Draft/Cash warrant, issued/enforceable by any financial institutions in Bhutan, and valid till 25ᵗʰ May, 2024. Bids not accompanied with an acceptable Bid security shall be rejected by Employer and in such cases, Bids shall be returned to the Bidders unopened.

8.0 Qualification Requirement for Bidders shall be as specified in the Bidding Data Sheet (BDS).

9.0 Bidding Documents are not transferrable.

10.0 Employer reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid partly or fully or cancel the bidding process without assigning any reasons thereof and in such case no Bidder shall have any claim arising out of such action of Employer.

11.0 The Bidders shall be required to complete the works within the time for completion as specified in the SCC.

12.0 Address for Communication (Bid Submission):

Ms. Sonam Choden, Divisional Manager,

Electricity Services Division, Bumthang,

Distribution & Customer Services Division,

Distribution Department,
Bhutan Power Corporation Limited.
Phone: (975)-03-631368, Mobile No: (975)-17160909,