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The ESD, BPC, Wangdue invites sealed bids from small categories of Bhutanese National Contractors in W4 (Power and Telecommunication) mentioned in the bidding documents having valid Trade License and registered with the Construction Development Board (CDB) for the works as mentioned below:

Tender No:BPC/ESD/WAE/PMU-08(VOL-I)/2k21/02
Work Name:Labour Contract for Right of Way (RoW) clearing, casting of poles and LT extension works.
Bid Details
a) Sale of Bid DocumentFebruary 19, 2021 to March 19, 2021
b) Bid SecurityPackage A: 32000
Package B: 13000
c) Place of SaleESD, BPC, Wangduephodrang
d) Date of submissionMarch 19, 2021, (14:30 hours)
e) Place of submissionESD, BPC, Wangduephodrang
f) Opening DateMarch 19, 2020 (15:00 hours)
g) Place of OpeningESD, BPC, Wangduephodrang
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The Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC), Paro would like to invite sealed bids from eligible Small class (W4) Bhutanese Contractors registered with the Construction Development Board (CDB) having valid trade license and CDB certificate for the following works: 

Sl. No.DescriptionDetails
1Bid No. & date14/BPC/DCSD/ESD/PARO/2021/52, dated February 15, 2021
2Bid forLabor contract for Right of Way (RoW) clearing of distribution lines, Painting & Casting of Poles under BPC, Paro & Haa.
3Bid SecurityNu. 75288.00
4Cost of Bid DocumentNu. 1000/- (Non-refundable)
5Date of sale17.02.2021 – 18.03.2021
6Place of sale (address)ESD, DCSD, BPC, Paro. (Telephone No. 08-271200) ESD, DCSD, BPC, Haa (Telephone No. 08-375141)
7Date of Submission18.03.2021 (on or before 12:30 hrs)
8Date of Opening18.03.2021 (at 14:30 hrs)
9Venue of OpeningSr. Divisional Manager’s Office, ESD, BPC, Paro
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