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The Bhutan Power Corporation Limited invites sealed bids from small categories of Bhutan National Contractors in W4 (Power and Telecommunication) mentioned in the bidding documents having valid Trade License and registered with the Construction Development Board (CDB) for the works as mentioned below:

Work Name: Labour Contract for
  1. Construction Works associated with Right of Way (RoW) clearing of Distribution Lines and Pole Painting at Punakha and Gasa Dzongkhags,
  2. Construction works associated with Extension of LT lines in and around Punakha Dzongkhag,
  3. Construction of Cable Trench and Laying of UG cable at Bjishong, Gasa
Bid Details
a. Sale of Bid Document11th February 2021 to 12th March 2021
b. Bid Security    Package A: 18,000.00
Package B: 12,000.00
Package C: 23,800.00
c. Place of SaleESD, BPC, Punakha
d. Date of submission12th March 2021 (14.30 hours)
e. Place of submissionESD, BPC, Punakha
f. Opening Date12th March 2021 (15.00 hours)
g. Place of OpeningESD, BPC, Punakha
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Pema Tshering Tender
Tender No. :  BPC/ESD/SJ/Tech-11/2021/08            05th February 2021
The Electricity Service Division (ESD) BPC Samdrup Jongkhar invites sealed bids from Small Class categories of Bhutanese National Contractors with W4 (Power and Telecommunications) having valid Trade License and registered with the Construction Development Board (CDB) for the works mentioned below:  
Name of Works:   Labour Contract on Plan & O&M Works under ESD, Samdrup Jongkhar (Electrical Work) under the following packages: 1)Package:SJE01-2021, 2)Package:SJE02-2021, 3)Package:SJE03-2021, 4) Package:SJE04-2021, 5) Package:SJE05-2021
Bid Details
Sale of Bid Document:          8th February 2021 to 10th March 2021
Cost of Bid Document:          Nu. 1000.00 each (Non-refundable)
Place of Sale:                         FAS, ESD, BPC, Samdrup Jongkhar
Last Date of Submission:     12th March 2021 (1200 Hours)
Place of Submission:            FAS, ESD, BPC Samdrup Jongkhar
Opening Date:                     12th Mach 2021 (1430 Hours)
Place of Opening:               Conference Hall, ESD, BPC, Samdrup Jongkhar

The detailed bidding documents can be purchased from the office of the Finance Officer, Finance & Accounts Section, Electricity Services Division, BPC, Samdrup Jongkhar upon submission of copies of valid Trade license, CDB registration certificate and Tax clearance certificates with appropriate written application. Bidding documents can also be downloaded from link below.  For any other queries, please contact Divisional Manager at 17131147/ 07-251135.
Click here to download Tender Document.
Divisional Manager

Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd. (BPC) would like to invite Sealed bids from eligible Medium Class (W3) Bhutanese Contractors Registered with Construction Development Board (CDB) having valid trade license and CDB for the following work:

1Name of WorksConstruction of G+1 staff quarter (four units) along with site development works at ESSD Phobjikha, Wangdue. (Estimated Cost 11.40M)
2.Bid SecurityNu.219,000.00
3Date of saleFebraury 02- March 03, 2021
4Date of submissionMarch 03, 2021 (12:00hrs)
5Date of openingMarch 03, 2021 ( 14:30Hrs)
6Venue for  openingBPC, Conference Hall, Thimphu.
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