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The Contracts Management Section (CMS), Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC), Thimphu invites sealed bids from small-class Bhutanese Contractor for the following works:

1Bid No. & dateBPC/C&PD/CMS/TENDER-2023/27 dated September 2, 2023
2Bid DescriptionLabour Contract of PLAN WORKS, 2023 under Thimphu, Trongsa, and Wangdue Dzongkhags
3Bid Details
a.Cost of bid document:Nu. 1,000.00 (Non-refundable) for each packages
b.Place of Bid sale (address)CMS, CD, C&PD, BPC, Thimphu, Telephone No. +975-2-322046
c. Start of saleSeptember 2, 2023 (From 9:00 hours to 17:00 hours)
d.Last date of saleSeptember 18, 2023 (on or before 17:00 hours)
e.Last date of Bid submissionSeptember 19, 2023  (on or before 12:00 hours)
f.Opening of BidSeptember 19, 2023  at 14:30 hours
g. Venue of Bid openingBPC conference hall
h. Estimated Cost of WorksAs indicated in the detailed bidding document
i.Bid securityAs indicated in the detailed bidding document

Interested eligible bidders can purchase the bidding document by submitting a written application with the valid trade license, Construction Development Board (CDB) registration certificate and valid tax clearance certificate to the above address. The bidder who has downloaded the bid document and wishes to participate should register with CMS, CD, C&PD, BPC, Thimphu at before the closing of the bid sale date.
Bidding documents can be downloaded from below:

Senior Manager


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21 August 2023


Construction Project Office (CPO), Bhutan Power Corporation Limited, Mongar would like to invite sealed bids from the Registered Bhutanese Hiring Agencies for the hiring of the different vehicles for two years.

The Interested eligible bidders who wish to participate must register with the valid trade license and tax clearance certificate to the Project Manager, CPO Mongar, during working hours on or before the closing of the bid sale date and may download the bid document from the link below:

For any other queries, contact Mr. Sonam Tshering, Project Manager, at +975 4 641120 during working hours.

                                                                                                                        Project Manager


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18 August 2023


Bhutan Power Corporation Limited would like to invite Sealed bids from eligible Small Class (W3) Bhutanese Contractors registered with Construction Development Board (CDB) having valid trade license and CDB certificate for the following work:

a)Bids for“Maintenance of roadside drain for approach road to 33/11kV Substation at  Kewathang, Trongsa”
(Estimated Cost: As stipulated in BDS)
b)Bid securityAs stipulated in BDS
c)Cost of bid documentNu. 1000.00 (Non-refundable)
d)Date of sale19.08.2023 – 04.09.2023
e)Date of submission05.09.2023 (On or before 1200 hrs)
f)Date of opening05.09.2023 (1430 hrs)
g)Venue for openingBPC Conference Hall, Thimphu

Interested bidders may purchase the complete set of bidding documents from the Contracts Management Section (CMS), BPC Head Office, Thimphu, upon submission of written application along with copies of valid trade license, CDB registration certificate and Tax clearance certificate to Senior Manager, CMS, BPC, Thimphu on or before September 04,2023, during working hours. The bidder who has downloaded the bid document and wishes to participate should register with Senior Manager, CMS, BPC, Thimphu, before closing the bid sale date.   For any other queries, contact Mr. Dorji Kinley, Senior Manager, at +975 2 322046.

Senior Manager

Notification of Award

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Notification of Award for Tender no. 18/BPC/TOMS/Jling/Civil/2023-02 dated July 06, 2023 for the work “Repair & Maintenance of Staff Quarters at Jigmeling and Gelephu Substations along with installation of Fire Hydrant at Gelephu Substation”.


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Tender No: BPC/ESD-PUNA/O&MU-10/2023/01

Work Name: Dismantling of 33kV line, providing of PCC in substation, Clearing of ROW and Extension of LT line in and around Punakha .

Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd invites sealed bids from the small Class categories of Bhutanese National contractors with W4 (Power and Telecommunications) with valid License and registered with the Construction Development Board for construction of electricity distribution infrastructure works in and around Punakha Dzongkhag.

Bid Details
a. Sale of Bid Document8th August 2023 to 22nd August 2023.
b. Bid SecurityPackage A: 11,500.00
Package B: 11,000.00
Package C: 13,000.00
Package D: 6500.00
c. Place of SaleESD, BPC, Punakha
d. Date of submission23rd August 2023 (14.30 hours)
e. Place of submissionESD, BPC, Punakha
f. Opening Date23rd August 2023 (15.00 hours)
g. Place of OpeningESD, BPC, Punakha

A Complete set of bidding document may be purchased by any interested eligible bidder on submission of a written application with valid license and CDB registration certificate to the above address and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Nu. 500.00 (Ngultrum Five Hundred only) payable to the Accountant, ESD, BPC, Punakha. The bidders who have downloaded and printed the bid document by themselves and wish to participate should register with ESD, BPC Punakha on or before the closing of the bid sale date upon the submission of written application together with a valid license and CDB registration certificate at the above address and make payment of Nu.200.00 (Ngultrum Two hundred only) nonrefundable to make the bid enforceable. For any queries, contact at +975-2584579/+975-258431.

The detail invitation and the soft copy of the bidding document can be downloaded from the link below:

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