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Manager, Electricity Service Division, Trashigang

Mr. Sonam Phuntsh, ManagerMr. Sonam Phuntsho, the ex Business Analyst & Tariff Officer of BPC has been selected for the post of Manager for ESD, Trashigang through open internal vacancy announcement. Mr. Sonam has a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology UP, India and Master in Business Administration from the Melbourne Business School, Australia.

He will be managing ESD Trashigang which has two Sub-Divisions, ESSD-Rangjung and ESSD-Khaling with 21 Multitask Service Centers. The division caters electricity to 12,076 customers with four permanent revenue cash counters and 14 cash collection points. The office has 76 six employees with 298 distribution transformers.

Human Resources and Administration Department (HRAD) with IT Division introduces online job application System for the external vacancies.

The interested applicants, for the various vacant post in BPC, can now directly log into online job portal “ “ and submit their  application.

With the introduction of online job portal, HRAD intends to help the applicants in saving time and cost. This shall also assist BPC to overcome the incumbent space problem of storing huge number of applications received for every vacancies announced and in maintaining online records and data of applicants for future references.

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Internal Audit Division

The endeavor of the Internal Audit Division of BPC is to conduct systematic, disciplined and timely audit of the offices and provide requisite assurance and advisory services to the management and the corporation. It is also our ardent will to ensure transparency and accountability and institute check and balance instruments for timely detection and correction of errors, frauds, operational inefficiencies, non-compliances to laws and regulations, uneconomical operations and other deficiencies and lapses in the organization.


To strive to make Bhutan Power Corporation Limited a corruption free entity that will provide promises of the hopes and aspirations to its employees and to the country at large.

Plans and objectives:

Strengthening the Internal Audit Division

Recruit highly motivated and sincere staff

Provide professional trainings equivalent to IID standards to its staff.

Roles and responsibilities:

       I.            Provide assurance to management on various management practices and procedures by ensuring:

  • Compliance with laws, rules and regulations;
  • Economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations;
  • Implementation of policies and plans;
  • Review of achievements on the goals and objectives.

    II.            Provide diagnostic and advisory services to management by;

  • Carrying out special investigations;
  • Review the safeguarding the assets and properties;
  • Examine appropriateness and effectiveness of the internal control systems;
  • Ensuring actions are taken by the management on the findings and recommendations.

Electricity Services Division, Thimphu conducted safety awareness campaign

Electricity Services Division, Thimphu, conducted safety awareness campaign to the DYT members of Thimphu Dzongkhag in the DYT Hall on April 19, 2012. Manager of ESD, Thimphu, opened the campaign by thanking DYT chairman and members for making the campaign possible in short notice despite the tight schedule of DYT meeting. In his opening speech, manager emphasis on the safe use of electricity, indispensability of electricity to every walks of life and Right of Ways issues BPC faces during the execution of work. Manager urged all the DYT members to provide support and cooperation with BPC to enable BPC to provide services to public 24×7. Manager informed the DYT members the causes of power disruptions which are mainly man made like cable damages, erection of flags poles near power lines, breaking insulators by miscreants, tree felling near power line by public without informing BPC, etc.

Manager empathized on the risk and danger associated with electricity if it is not utilize in the manner it should be used, which can prove fatal to lives. He informed the gathering that electricity is GOOD SERVANT BUT BAD MASTER. Electricity is to be used properly for everyday life but do not play with it, was the message conveyed.

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Preparatory Training Conducted by InfoComm Services Division, D&CD for the All Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) Project Implementation.

The line-men & helpers from various ESD & ESSD offices around the country participated in the training at BPC Conference Hall on 20th & 21st December, 2010.

The training was covered on the aspects of ADSS on the following topics:

  1. Basics of Communications;
  2. Optical Fiber Communication Technology;
  3. Installation of ADSS & introduction of ADSS testing equipments;
  4. Fiber Optic communication record keeping and reporting during the project execution; &
  5. Hand on training on the use of optical fiber test equipment.

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