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Commercial Paper

Tashi Lhamo General

Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPCL) is floating commercial paper at a face value of Nu. 100,000.00 with the following details. The date of issue is June 24, 2023.

LotNo of UnitsDuration (Days)Discount Rate

Please check Prospectus or visit for more information.

Mr Karma Chhopel is appointed as a new General Manager of the Distribution and Customer Services Division. He started his career with BPC in 1991 and has served in various capacities. He has a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the erstwhile Royal Bhutan Polytechnic, now renamed and upgraded to Jigme Namgyel Engineering College and a Masters of Business Administration from the Edith Cowan University, WA, Australia. Before joining the current position, he served at Safety & Quality Assurance, CSDiv as Chief Manager.

Bhutan Power Corporation Limited head office instituted a new initiative called “weekly clean up session” under the instruction of CEO and dedicated one hour of every Friday afternoon for beautification of office premises. This initiative brings entire BPC team together as family to clean and beautify the office surroundings. We firmly belief that the keeping clean, aesthetically appealing and safe environment creates enabling work environment and improves the employee productivity. 

Further, the initiative is incorporated to enhance cooperation, collaboration and team work among employees of the different departments of BPCL.

Bhutan Power Corporation held its new recruit orientation to welcome 34 new employees to the team starting from 3rd April to 5th April. The orientation was held at headquarter, where the CEO and the other management members welcomed the new recruits. The CEO said that the BPC is the right platform for young engineers to prosper in their profession. BPC recruited 30 electrical engineers, 2 electronic and communication engineers, 1 legal officer, and 1 media officer. During the orientation, Directors, General Managers, and a few other managers presented the overall working environment, culture, rules, and regulations of the organization.

Go-Live of BPC Customer Centricity System

Tashi Dema General

Mr. Sonam Tobjey, the Chief Executive Officer of BPC, declared the Go-Live of BPC Customer Centricity System today (April 3, 2023). The Go-Live ceremony was joined by the BPC Management and project team, Thimphu TechPark Ltd (TTPL) and DrukSmart Pvt Ltd. TTPL in collaboration with DrukSmart implemented the development of Customer Centricity Project.

BPC way back in 2010 implemented SAP ISU (Industry Specific Solution for Utilities) on a Meter Centric model which currently is used for electricity billing and collection system integrated with SAP financials, smart billing system, automatic meter reading, ePayment and online utility payments.

However, the Meter Centric model system has some inherent problems related to same customer and his address repeated as multiple customer ID (BP – Business Partner) for each meter; the billing and customer communication issued to meter instead of the actual customer responsible for electricity consumption; and non-identification of owners and tenants for customers in the system.

The Customer Centric Project is to make the shift from a Meter Centric world to a Customer Centric solution focusing on serving the actual customers who use electricity services, and the right customer is held financially responsible and accountable for all future power consumptions.

BPC urge every customer to kindly register themselves in the Customer Centric (CC) Portal (link available in the BPC website) to move from Meter Centric to Customer Centric, and avail other additional features.