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The BPC volunteers have returned safely

Tashi Gyelmo General

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), BPC welcomed back the nine (9) BPC employees who had volunteered to go to Phuentsholing. These volunteers had assisted Electricity Services Division, Phuentsholing for the daily operation & maintenance of lines and also to execute the work for providing constructional power to the 400 bedded quarantine facility. The volunteers served for almost two (2) months at Phuentsholing, underwent the mandatory 7 days quarantine in Thimphu and have returned back safely.

The CEO hosted a lunch for the volunteers and awarded certificate of appreciation to the volunteers.

BPC thanks them for their self-less act and wishes them a safe journey back to their respective offices.

‘It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act” – The 14th Dalai Lama.

Notification on Revised Miscellaneous Charges

Tashi Gyelmo General

This is to notify all our valued customers and the general public that BEA has approved revision of miscellaneous charges for BPC vide letter no. BEA/CEO/BPC/2021-2022/148 dated 26 August 2021 as under. BPC shall implement the revision with immediate effect.

A) Meter Security
ParticularsExisting Rates (Nu)Revised Rates (Nu)
 Meter Security DepositCost of MeterShall be discontinued

B) Energy Security

Sl. No.Consumer CategoryExisting Rates (Nu)Revised Charges (Nu)
1 LV Single Phase (Rural)10/A5/A
2 LV Single Phase (Others) 10-60 A20/A20/A
3 LV Three Phase60/A60/A
4 LV Three Phase with CT Metering60/A60/A
5 Medium Voltage (MV)120/kVA rating of the transformer120/kVA rating of the transformer
6 High Voltage (HV)120/kVA rating of the transformer120/kVA rating of the transformer

C) Supply Reconnection Charges

Sl. No.Consumer TypeExisting Charges (Nu)Revised Charges (Nu)
1 LV Single Phase100100
2 LV Three Phase150200
3 Medium Voltage500200
4 High Voltage500200

D) New Service Connection Charges

Sl. No.Consumer TypeExisting Charges (Nu)Revised Charges (Nu)
1 LV Single Phase100For the initial supply release to a consumer premises no charges shall be levied for testing, connection and installation. However, consumer availing the services subsequently, shall be charged at the prevailing rate
2 LV Three Phase150
3 Medium Voltage500
4 High Voltage500

E) Capacity Reserve Charges

Sl. No.Consumer TypeExisting Charges (Nu)Revised Charges (Nu)
1 HV and MV customersEqual to demand charge for three months calculated on the conditionally sanctioned loadEqual to demand charge for three months calculated on the conditionally sanctioned load

F) Late Payment Surcharge

Sl. No.ParticularsExisting ChargesRevised Charges
1 All categories of customers2% per month of the billed amount2% per month of the outstanding billed amount non compounding

Awareness on Electrical hazards in Excavation

Tashi Gyelmo General

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC) graced the three-day safety awareness program (August 30, 2021 to September 01, 2021) targeted for the excavator operators of Thimphu. Director, Distribution Services and other officials were also present.

The Electricity Services Division (ESD), BPC Thimphu has been facing numerous issues created by excavations being done in and around Thimphu. The excavations usually happen without the knowledge of BPC, and the damages done to the electrical infrastructure often go un-reported translating to wastage of BPC resources in locating the fault and rectification thereof. These excavations and consequent damages to the electrical infrastructure result in prolonged outages to the customers of BPC. Also, there are inherent risks posed to the excavators who operate the machines in the absence of proper supervision of the excavation works.

Therefore, BPC initiated a three-day safety awareness program in an effort to raise adequate awareness to the machine/excavator operators operating in Thimphu. The program shall help the excavators take conscious steps towards risk reduction and to remain vigilant to any potential threats from damage of electrical infrastructure. The operators shall now be required to inform BPC for any excavation works and seek BPC’s support to avoid damages to the electrical infrastructure.

Around 75 excavator operators shall be trained under this program

Emergency Shutdown Notification

Tashi Gyelmo General

132/33/11kV SMD Nangkor will be taking emergency shutdown of all 33kV & 11kV feeders from 5:00PM till 7:30PM, today (23/08/2021) to inspect incomer CT on 11kV side. The power supply to following gewogs shumar, Zobel, Nanong, Khar, Chongshing, Yurung, Dungmin & chimung will be affected.

ESD, Pema Gatshel

2nd group of volunteers left for Phuentsholing

Tashi Gyelmo General

A team comprising of 4 technicians who volunteered to support Electricity Services Division, Phuentsholing shall leave for Phuentsholing today. The team shall work to provide electricity connection to the construction site of 400 bedded quarantine facility at Phuentsholing.

CEO, BPC met with the volunteers and expressed his appreciation to the technicians for having volunteered during such exigencies. He advised all of them to strictly follow the MoH COVID-19 protocols and other protocols as laid down by the COVID-19 Task Force. He also reminded them to follow the electricity safety practices strictly while discharging their duties. A set of PPE consisting of facemasks, face shield, hand gloves and hand sanitizers were distributed to the volunteers.

The team shall be stationed in Amochu containment area facilitated by Phuentsholing COVID-19 Task Force.

Five employees who had volunteered in the first group are still at Phuentsholing and have been engaged in the operation & maintenance of lines.

BPC thanks all the volunteers for such a self-less act and wishes them a safe return.