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PSD, BPC, Thimphu would like to invite e-bids and bids for the following tenders:

Sl#Tender No. & DateTender NameSubmission Date and TimeOpening Date and Time
1BPC/PSD/Office Equipment/2022/04  dated March 12, 2022Supply and Delivery of Office Equipment, Telecommunication Equipment, Computer and Data Processing Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment and Meter Reading Device.14.04.2022 at 14:30 hrs14.04.2022 at 15:00 hrs
2BPC/PSD/T&P/2022/05 dated March 12, 2022Supply and Delivery of Tools and Implements, and Electrical Equipment.14.04.2022 at 14:30 hrs14.04.2022 at 15:30 hrs
3BPC/PSD/SFSB/UNIFORM/2022/06 dated March 12, 2022Supply and Delivery of Security Uniforms07.04.2022 at 13:00 hrs14.04.2022 at 14:00 hrs

Venue for opening of bids:  BPC Conference Hall, Thimphu

The bidding documents of Sl.1 & 2 can be downloaded by any interested eligible bidders on  by registration online on or before 14.30 hours before or on April 14, 2022.

The bids should be submitted online in the website

However, the interested eligible bidder should submit the Bid Security (in original) one day before the bid submission.

The bidding document of Sl. 3 for the Supply and Delivery of Security Uniforms can be downloaded from our company website The bids should be submitted to PSD office on or before the date and time as mentioned above.

(General Manager)

notice inviting tender, S/jongkhar

Pema Tshering Tender

Tender No. : BPC/ESD/SJ/Tech-11/2022/04                                                                                11th March 2022

The Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC)  invites sealed bids from Small Class categories of Bhutanese National Contractors with W4 (Power and Telecommunications) having valid Trade License and registered with the Construction Development Board (CDB) for the works mentioned below:

Name of Works:  Labour Contract on Right of Way(RoW) clearing Works under ESD, Samdrup Jongkhar (Electrical Work) under the following packages: 1)Pakage:SJE2022-01, 2)Package:SJE2022-02 & 3)Package:SJE2022-03

1.        Sale of Bid Document:14th March 2022 to 13th April 2022
2.        Cost of Bid Document:Nu. 1000.00 each (Non-refundable)
3.        Place of Sale:       FAD, ESD, BPC, S/Jongkhar
4.        Last Date of Submission15th April 2022 (1200 Hours)
5.        Place of Submission:FAD, ESD, BPC S/Jongkhar
6.        Opening Date:15th April 2021 (1430 Hours)
7.        Place of Opening:Conference Hall, ESD, BPC, S/Jongkhar
8.        Estimated cost:a) Package:SJE2022-01: Nu. 1.346M b) Package:SJE2022-02: Nu. 0.796M c) Package:SJE2022-03: Nu. 0.901M
9.       Bid Security(Nu):a) Package:SJE2022-01:Nu. 26911 b) Package:SJE2022-02: Nu.15914 c) Package:SJE2022-03: Nu.18024

The detailed bidding documents can be purchased from the office of the Finance Officer, Finance & Accounts Division, Electricity Services Division, BPC, Samdrup Jongkhar upon submission of copies of valid Trade license, CDB registration certificate and Tax clearance certificates with appropriate written application. Bidding documents can also be downloaded from link below.For any other queries, please contact Divisional Manager at 17131147/ 07-251135.

Divisional Manager

Notice Inviting Tender, Dagana

Pema Tshering Tender

Tender No. :   BPC/ESD/Daga/Tech-23/20022/01 dated 7/03/2022

Work Name  :Labour Contract for Right of Way (RoW) Clearing of distribution system under ESD, Dagana, Package-A

The Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC)  invites sealed bids from Small class categories of Bhutanese National Contractors (W4) having valid Trade License for the works mentioned: 

aSale of Bid Document9th March 2022 to 24th March 2022
bCost of Bid documentNu. 1000/- each (Non-refundable)
c Bid SecurityPackage –A Nu.27,647.00,
dPlace of SaleESD, BPC, Dagana.
eDate of Submission24th March 2022 (1200 hours)
f Place of Submission
Opening Date
ESD, BPC, Dagana
24th  March 2022 (1530 hours)

Tender document shall be available from the office of the Senior Divisional Manager, ESD, BPC, Dagana upon submission of copies of valid trade license with written application. For any queries, contact at+975- 77103456 / 77103457.

Sr. Divisional Manager

Addendum III

Sonam Choki Tender Tags:

This is to inform all the bidders that PSD, BPC had issued Addendum III against the following tenders;

  1. Supply and Delivery of Electrical Line Materials and Substation Equipment
  2. Supply and Delivery of ARCB and Sectionalizers,

For more details please visit the website

Letter of Intent, SMD Deothang.

Pema Tshering Tender Tags:

Letter of Intent for R&M works at 132/33/11 KV Kilikhar Substation, Mongar, Vide bid no. BPC/SMD-D/CIVIL/2022/TENDER-01.

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