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Leave encashment form
Annual Procurement Report
Job application form
Job description form
Internal vacancy job application form
Vehicle requisition form
Normal promotion recommendation form
Fast track promotion recommendation form
Meritorious promotion recommendation form
Performance plan form
LTTP application form
Welfare grant application form
Probation completion form
Staff requisition form
Salary advance form
Welfare loan application form
Leave Application form
Vendor registration form
Transfer Format forms
Hired Vehicle Log Book


Environment Policy 2021
Digital Strategy
Framework for Safety & Quality Division
LV & LV Bulk Supply Rule
Customer Service Charter
BPC housing allotment policy, January 2020
Vendor performance management system, July 2010
Inventory Management Manual 2016
Occupation Health And Safety Policy
Safety Rules 2021
Safety Manual 2021
Safety Management System 2021
Executive Order on Occupational Health & Safety Policy & Committee (OHS)
Waste Management SOP Implementation Plan
SoP for underground cable jointing and termination works
Policy on Gender Equality at Workplace (DHI Group) 2021
Guidelines_third-party-damage-realignment-for-fiber-optic-asset (June,2021)


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Five Year Investment Plan (2021-2025)
Staff Welfare Scheme 2021
Quality Manual for Building Construction
Budget Manual
Operation & Maintenance Manual
Deposit Work Guideline
HR Master Plan 2020
Position Specific Allowance policy 2020
Procurement manual for works 2020
Delegation of Power 2021
DoP_Annexure_SKU 2021
Proceedings of R&D Conference 2018
Power Data Book 2022
Power Data Book 2021
Power Data Book 2020
Power Data Book 2019
Power Data Book 2018
Power Data Book 2017
Power Data Book 2016
Distribution system earthing guidelines
Corporate Strategic Plan 2019 to 2030
Service Rules & Regulations 2016
Service Rules & Regulations 2022
BPC Risk Management Manual 2022
Fleet Management Policy 2019
Training Nomination Format
Distribution design and construction standards, Third edition, 2023
Rules & Regulations on Usage of BPC Vehicles 2019


BPC Annual Report 2021
BPC Annual Report 2020
BPC Annual Report 2019
BPC Annual Report 2018
BPC Annual Report 2017
BPC Annual Report 2016
BPC Annual Report 2015
BPC Annual Report 2014
BPC Annual Report 2013
BPC Annual Report 2012
BPC Annual Report 2011
BPC Annual Report 2010
BPC Annual Report 2009
BPC Annual Report 2008
BPC Annual Report 2007
BPC Annual Report 2006

Distribution System Master Plan (DSMP)

DSMP for Bumthang
DSMP for Chhukha
DSMP for Dagana
DSMP for Haa
DSMP for Bumthang
DSMP for Lhuentse
DSMP for Mongar
DSMP for Paro
DSMP for Pema Gatshel
DSMP for Punakha
DSMP for Samtse
DSMP for Sarpang
DSMP for Samdrup Jongkhar
DSMP for Thimphu
DSMP for Trashigang
DSMP for Trashiyangtse
DSMP for Trongsa
DSMP for Tsirang
DSMP for Wangdue
DSMP for Zhemgang